The Medical Benefits Of Coffee – Its Good To Be A Coffee Addict

They guys over at “Happy to serve you” created a nice info-graphic showing the possible medical benefits of coffee”. Let’s have a look at it and dive a bit deeper.

medical benefits of coffee


The Medical Benefits Of Coffee

So, as you can see, it pays to be a coffee addict, right? Here again the medical benefits of coffee:

Coffee can lower the risk of a stroke, reduce the risk to get Alzheimer’s Disease and can even be safely consumed during pregnancy. It might also reduce the risk of getting diabetes type 2, lower the prostate cancer risk for men and possibly reduce your chances of having abnormal heart rhythms (just don’t drink too much or this will quickly change;) ). Of course the amount of coffee you drink and probably also its quality have a huge impact on these results, but nonetheless, good news for us coffee addicts.

With all these medical benefits of coffee we think that coffee consumption should clearly be prescribed from doctors, don’t you think so? There are many medicines out there taken regularly that do not cover even a slight percentage of all the effects that drinking coffee can have. So go and get yourself a cup of coffee, espresso or cappuccino right now, go :)

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