10 Steps To Make The Perfect Espresso

espresso-picture-2Is it the perfect espresso in the morning that gets you going? Are you a coffee lover?

Does the Barista in your favorite coffee shop usually hear “Doppio Espresso” from you when you open the door?

Well, don’t you think it is about time that you learn how to make the perfect espresso on your own? Ok …

Here Are The 10 Steps To Make The Perfect Espresso

  1. Make sure your espresso machine is clean and that there is no old coffee powder in it.
  2. Get the ground coffee or put the espresso beans into the coffee grinder to make ground espresso coffee. Use the espresso settings on your grinder to make sure the ground coffee is very fine. espresso-with-beansThis will help you later to achieve the best possible crema and taste. Freshly ground beans will give you the best results. Some espresso machines have a built-in grinder.
  3. Pour cold, clear water into your machine’s water chamber and make sure the boiler cap is secured. One shot of espresso is about 1 ounce. For a double shot, use two ounces. Some machines let you make as many as four shots at once. The quality of the water is very important for the taste of your espresso. If your espresso machine has a built-in water-filter then that is taken care of automatically, otherwise you might want to use your best drinking water.
  4. Put the right amount of coffee into the filter holder and slightly press in the ground coffee. Your filter should have a measure for how much espresso you are making. The pressure you use can be best adjusted with a tamper that comes with most espresso machines or can also be bought separately. The right pressure is again very important for the result later on.
  5. Brush off any grounds on the sides and top of the filter and place the filter holder in the machine. Make sure to read the instruction of your machine to know exactly how strong you should “screw” the filter holder in.
  6. Pre-heat your espresso cups now. Your drink simply tastes much better if you have this done. The better espresso machines have a built-in cup warmer on top that will do this automatically for you. If not, then you can just pour a small amount of water into the cup and heat it up in your microwave for a few seconds. Careful though, the cup will usually get very hot and you might burn your fingers. Remove the heated water after a while when the cup is warm and proceed. By the way, ceramic espresso cups are the best.
  7. the perfect espresso picture 1Place the espresso cup under the spout and turn the machine on. Your machine will now heat the water to the proper temperature and force the water through the coffee grounds. The pressure your machine uses to do this should be at least 15-bar. This ensures that you get the best taste and a rich crema on top of your espresso.
  8. When the coffee starts to flow into the cup, it should have brown foam, called “crema,” on its top.
  9. Self-proclaimed espresso experts will tell you that there should be nothing in your drink except the espresso, no sugar or milk. But times change and most of us coffee lovers have their espresso with a nice shot of sugar. Don’t let this fool you, even with sugar, your espresso is still a “real” perfect espresso. You can also add milk, this gives the espresso a different name though. We have more on that in our other guides as this is a whole different ball game again and needs some detailed explanation.
  10. Step 10 is definitely the best and easiest of them all – Enjoy your espresso 😛


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